Super Bowl 46: NY Giants vs. NE Patriots

I love football.  I have a few teams (Cowboys, Colts, Chiefs, etc.) I cheer for depending on who the opposer is, but when Eli Manning left my school, the great Ole Miss, and headed North, I became an instant Giants fan.  I love the Manning family.  With that being said, my team and my Eli headed to Indianapolis for the 46th Super Bowl and here in God’s Country, Eli’s home, we never miss an opportunity to throw a party.  The Giants won and I am literally stuffed with dip, cheese ball, hamburgers potato salad and red velvet brownies.  I made the red velvet brownies with this recipe and my cheese “football” with this one. Not only was the game a success, the party was too.  I’ll end with a saying we say down here in Dixie…”We never lose a party!”

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Oh and P.S. I was not a fan of Madonna’s half-time show.  Who picks the performers, because they need my help.  I will say that Cee Lo and Nicki Minaj made the show much better….and LMFAO wasn’t bad either.  This will be my last football post…until next year!


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