Beauty Post

I’ll be the first to admit: I am no beauty expert.  I don’t practice any special regimen to wash my face, or put on makeup.  I am all about practicality.

My lack of beauty expertise is probably the reason that when the editor of the magazine I interned for told me to go pick a few products from the beauty room to take home, I ended up with a box full of random goodies.

Nonetheless, I have these beauty products that were free and I am going to write a post about them.

So far, the face wipes, body scrub and nail polish are good, useful items.  I haven’t opened the shaving cream, but I’ve used the brand for years, so I’m sure it was a good pick.  I do have a little problem with the Kenra mousse.  I was looking forward to it because of the brand, but it is too sticky.  I will continue to use this bottle because it does activate curls, but I probably won’t purchase it after I run out, because it is too thick and…for lack of a better word…impractical.


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