If I Were a Boy

I have to admit…I’m a little skeptical of posting outfits on here.  Not because of the outfit, but more because of my modeling skills.  At any rate, I’m going to give it a try.  My first outfit isn’t a complete show-stopper.

I’m home for a week without a large variety of clothes from my own closet, so it only fits that I wander to my brother’s.  I found this plaid button down and decided to pair it with more feminine pieces (and as always, my eyes landed on leopard accessories).

Did I just model a groundbreaking outfit…no, but maybe I helped you discover a last minute style for a more casual event like your little brother’s basketball game.  You can cue Beyonce’ in now (If I were a boy…).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh and by the way….Ole Miss beat our rival Mississippi State in basketball last night.  So my red and blue shirt is a tribute to my beloved rebels. Hotty Toddy!


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